Rework - Packaging

Reworking products and repackaging can cost suppliers hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits. With only a few reputable companies performing this work, the suppliers were stuck with paying a premium for this service. Don’t go with the first rework company you find. Go with the one that will do the best job and save the most money.

VCG has over 13 years experience managing recalls and reworks and continues to perform the quickest turnaround at the best prices.

Every rework and repackage project VCG has managed, has saved the suppliers money compared to other companies. One project was bid by a company at $780,000 – VCG completed the entire project for just over $200,000 and provided a financial reconciliation to the supplier that saved another $50,000 from the retailer’s claims.

VCG can source everything from parts, reconstruction, to containers, and warehouse cartons. When speed and economy are needed VCG is the only company you need to call.

The goal on reworks is to help the supplier keep the cost low so they can still maintain a level of profitability with the products that allows them to stay competitive in the market place.